Micrasim / How it works

How does Micrazim work?

There are so many temptations! And sometimes our habits turn into trouble and end by discomfort in the stomach!

Micrazim will help Your stomach to cope with such situations, and You stay in a good mood!

1 Why do we need food?

Maintaining the normal functioning of our body depends on the getting and absorption of the essential nutrients – proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


Why needed? They are building material for our body - tissues, cells and organs of the body, and the basis of hormones, enzymes and antibodies.
Where? Meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, legumes.
The necessary enzyme is PROTEASE


Why needed? Fats is an energy source, they give the feeling of fullness, reducing appetite. Involved in the metabolism, formation of hormones, fats help to regulate the levels of glucose, absorb the vitamins, nourish the brain and nervous system.
Where? Butter, vegetable oil, fatty dairy products, nuts, fatty fish, avocado.
The necessary enzyme is LIPASE


Why needed? Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body and "food" for the brain. They make part of enzymes, acids and immunoglobulins. It is especially important to include in your diet complex carbohydrates.
Where? Vegetables, fruits, cereals, grains, bread, sweets, honey.
The necessary enzyme is AMYLASE

2 Delicious food is never too much!

Food is not the only way to replenish the energy. At mealtimes we communicate, relax and enjoy the variety of taste sensations. Food is one of the oldest means of pleasure known to mankind. And with the current abundance of temptations, it is no wonder that sometimes we overeat.

In the famous joke says that each of us has an extra "stomach for dessert", which is activated when the stomach is full, but we really want to eat something delicious. But what really happens after we had a nice time and delicious and lot of ate?

  • While overeating the stomach wall does not have time to produce enough gastric juice to digest food. Handled improperly, the food goes barely through a narrow passage with a width of 5 mm further, in the duodenum.
  • In the intestine the chyme - shredded food, mixed with gastric juice - once processed with pancreatic juice and bile to the liver. When a large amount is eaten enzymes juice and bile is not enough to quickly break down the proteins and fat contained in the chyme.
    The digestive process is delayed indefinitely.
    As a result, we may feel stomach fullness, heaviness and discomfort in the abdomen, nausea, heartburn and even pain
    Pyloric sphincter
    Secretion of pancreas
3 Micrazim - if you suddenly overeat.
In case of overeating your stomach needs fast help. In this situation modern enzyme formulations come to the rescue. What's the best to take?
For the right selection let’s see the difference between the standard forms of drugs - tablets and Micrazim capsules:

You are taking the regular tablet

The usual tablet has no time for food because of their size. In order for the tablet to fully dissolve and hit exactly where enzymes begin to act in full force, it takes time. What to endure discomfort and discomfort in the abdomen?

You take a capsule of Micrazim

The capsule of Micrazim dissolves instantly in the stomach, releasing the microgranules. Small granules can easily penetrate into the intestines, along with food, helping digestion and absorption is much faster and more efficient than conventional tablets.

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